Sacred Drawings

“Sacred Drawings” (1994-to present) is my present suite of works on paper. This series of drawings continues to explore dichotomous relationships such as between the real and abstract, the profane and sacred, and the natural and man-made. “Sacred Drawings” employs a diptych format as a visual metaphor meant to suggest two facing pages in a giant sketchbook.

One “page” in the diptych is devoted to one aspect of the relationship, i.e., the profane. The facing “page” deals with the other aspect, i.e., the sacred. In this way I continue to study and compare the dichotomous relationships of seemingly antithetical elements. The works serve to illustrate my ongoing interest in the interconnectedness of things and my belief in an invisible and supportive framework behind the physical plane. I believe that this divine framework binds and holds together the universe.

One work compares a heroic male figure to the geological formation of El Capitan at Monument Valley. Another juxtaposes a tri-colored heron on a sturdy nest of sticks next to a modern miracle of design and engineering by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. My work is a two-fold meditation. It marvels at the miracle and sanctity of nature, and it celebrates man’s urge to design, build and create.

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